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So, what does a Sales & Marketing Advisor do?


Think of me as your own personal Marketing Manager, available to complete as much, or as little, of your sales and marketing strategy, planning or implementation* as your business requires.

Although I’m based in Queenstown, I split my work time between Auckland and Christchurch. With today’s technology, long gone are the days of travelling to and from meetings. It’s now far more efficient (and therefore cost effective for you) to use video conferencing, with only occasional in person meetings, as required.

My advice is derived from over 25 years experience managing and advising small and medium sized businesses across a broad range of industries on both sides of the world, combined with a voracious appetite for learning and analysing new marketing technologies and techniques. The business value and services that result from this knowledge are unique, and the pricing structure reflects my flexibility.

I have a range of pricing options, from hourly, daily, weekly and monthly to more structured payment plans for projects that require a fixed or flat fee.


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