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Sales and Marketing Training

Sales and Marketing Training


What happens if I train staff and they leave?
What happens if you don’t train them and they stay…

Your training needs are often completely individual to your organisation and we reflect this in the training we provide for you and your team. Our interactive training courses are based around the 3 learning styles, auditory, visual and kinesthetic. This ensures we help every member of your team, regardless of his or her learning styles or abilities.

To cover all levels of knowledge and experience, we also use a variety of training methods including working in small groups, analysing case studies, role-playing and skill based games, discussions and presentations. These are either industry specific or context specific to your organisational situation, depending on your needs.

This allows me to tailor your training to be suitable for groups as small as 5 people through to groups of over 100. Although a Sales and Marketing Specialist, as an experienced trainer and facilitator, I’ve run workshops and courses that include the following:


  • Basic Sales techniques (general and industry specific)
  • Advanced Sales Training
  • How to write a marketing plan
  • How to get found Online
  • Customer Service (general and industry specific)
  • Business Efficiency
  • Time Management


Depending on your budget and location, these trainings can be run as live workshops, recorded workshops with accompanying notes, or online webinars.

So, what do you need? What skills do you or your teams need to improve? How much time do you have available, where are you all based and what’s your budget?


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