Sara has 30 years experience managing small and medium sized businesses across a broad range of industries on both sides of the world. From England, she moved to New Zealand almost 20 years ago to have the work and lifestyle balance she’d always dreamed of.

Originally a Chemical Engineer with British Steel, she quickly moved into Sales and Marketing and worked her way up through the sales ranks to Sales Manager. After completing all the sales courses available at the time, she became involved in running the British Steel Sales Training Courses for both internal sales people and external sale reps across the UK.

After leaving British Steel, she successfully ran a district of 7 ALDI Supermarkets, in the NW of England, where she dramatically increased their profit by reducing costs and ensuring good service and presentation standards. ALDI was also her introduction to learning how to systemise and simplify a business.

Her success at ALDI lead to being headhunted by Boots the Chemist to become their first non-pharmacist Store Manager. At Boots, she was able to improve the profitability of under-performing stores primarily by motivating and developing the staff and setting up the simple systems she’d learned at ALDI.

Sara has a broad knowledge base giving her a unique perspective on how to look for efficiencies in business, reduce costs, drive turnover and allow managers to manage by introducing effective systems that free up their time. After giving general business advice for several years, Sara stuck to her strengths and passions and focused on specializing in Sales and Marketing. She’s now considered an expert in helping businesses to use technology to sell more products and services.

10 Things you may not know about Me…

1.     In 1991 I lead a team that developed a world patent for refining steel purity in the stainless steel making process, saving British Steel millions of pounds.

2.     At the age of 26 I successfully ran a district of 7 ALDI Supermarkets, in the NW of England, with a combined annual turnover of 25 millions pounds! Sara Leadbetter Juggling

3.     I was the first non-pharmacist Store Manager for Boots the Chemist in the UK.

4.     At 24, I had a serious road accident, shattered both legs, spent over 6 months in hospital and was told I’d never walk properly again.

5.     Sara Leadbetter Ice Hockey GoalieDetermined to prove everyone wrong, I took up several new sports, including ice hockey, to strengthen my legs. At 41, I was selected to play Ice Hockey for New Zealand!


6.     I’ve been the goalie for the Southern Storm Ice Hockey Team playing in the New Zealand Women’s National League

7.     My first job in New Zealand included assessing the customer service standards of every TAB in the country. This included buying a drink and placing a bet in each venue. Yes, I got paid to drink and gamble…

8.     I’ve run workshops in every state of Australia and both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Sara Leadbetter Success

9.     A keen mountain biker, I also own a successful cycle tour company, Not a Rail Trail (also trading as A2O Cycle Tours) who run fully supported Cycle Trail Tours along the South Island Great Rides.

10. Sara Leadbetter DH MTBerMy favourite mountain bike discipline is Downhill, so I once bought a heli-bike business so I didn’t have to cycle uphill!

“In everything you do, work smarter, not harder…”

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