Meeting Facilitation

What is business facilitation?

In many businesses, your team are not always comfortable being totally honest about the good and bad that they see. They may be worried about losing their job or the knock on effect of raising issues to management. There may be conflict within the team that negates any positive discussions. Lastly, there may just be no one within your business who is able to help draw quality information and great ideas from your team.

This is where I come in. My impartial role is to run open and effective meetings where everyone is able to contribute positively and proactively.

As an example, I worked with a highly technical, research based New Zealand company. They knew everything about their product but nothing about the needs of their potential clients, where to find them, what to offer them and how to sell to them. I conducted client research for them and then ran a full day meeting, split into 3 main headings (generating enquiries, converting enquiries, after sales service), and facilitated discussions that allowed them to use their own knowledge to construct a plan that they all had full buy in to.

This facilitation style works best if there are up to about 12 participants who are allowed to be open and honest with each other.

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